Alex Swings Oscar Sings!

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Alex Swings Oscar Sings!

Post  Alena on Sun Jun 14, 2009 12:28 pm

Germany on "Evrovidenii-2009" will be presented by duet Alex Swings Oscar Sings. He/she is singer Oscar Lojja and the producer, the musician and DJ Alex Kristensen acting under pseudonym Alex C.

Song title: Miss Kiss Kiss Bang
Composer: Alex Christensen
Lyric writer: Alex Christensen
Alex the founder of a techno-musical of project U96. The song "Das Boot" became a hit number 1 in German charts and remained on this position in a current of 13 weeks. As the producer and composer Kristinsen works with Right Said Fred, Tom Jones, N ` Sync, Oli. P, Marianne Rosenberg, Sarah Brightman, ATC, Rollergirl and other actors. Alex's single for group ATC "Around the World" became most ротируемым a single of Germany.

Oscar - an example of classical American dream. Most younger of five children in a family, it has grown without the father and living in a bad city district. To avoid street influence, Oscar has devoted itself to art. After successful career as the designer of a fashion and the stylist-visagiste he has decided to change the life, and in 24 years has gone to New York to appear on stage. Having got to one of Broadway troupes, it has travelled with it half of world then has decided to depart from theatrical performances and to be engaged in musical career. At the moment he lives in Germany and prepares the first album for an exit.

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