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Eimear Quinn

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Eimear Quinn

Eimear Quinn (Irish: Eimear Ní Chuinn) (born 1973) is an Irish singer. In 1995 Quinn became a member of the Irish choral group Anúna, touring internationally and recording two albums with them, "Omnis" and "Deep Dead Blue". In December 1995, while performing with the choir, she was seen by songwriter Brendan Graham and asked to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest competition. She went on to win the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland with the song "The Voice" with words and music by Graham. As she watched the votes coming in, she performed an impromptu duet with a-ha singer Morten Harket, who was co-hosting the contest in Oslo. Quinn returned to Eurovision in 2005 to perform at the 50th anniversary Congratulations event in Copenhagen.

A native of Dublin[1], Quinn graduated from NUI Maynooth, Ireland, before she became a professional singer. In 2001 she released a record at Decca Classics called Through the Lens of a Tear produced and co-composed by Pól Brennan (ex-Clannad) about Tristan and Iseult.

In 2006, Quinn read the Irish Votes at the Eurovision Song Contest.

She also released a compilation album called Gatherings this year.

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