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Bo'az Ma'uda

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Bo'az Ma'uda

Background information
Birth name Boaz Mauda
Born April 23, 1987
Elyakim, Israel
Genre(s) Mizrahi,Ethnic, acoustic
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 2007–present

Boaz's Official Website (

Boaz Mauda (Hebrew: בועז מעודה‎, b. April 23, 1987) is an Israeli singer. He won the fifth season of Kokhav Nolad, the Israeli version of Pop Idol, and represented Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, finishing in 9th place.Contents
1 Early life
2 Kokhav Nolad
2.1 Kokhav Nolad performances
3 Eurovision Song Contest
4 Singles

Early life

Boaz was born and raised in a Yemenite family in moshav Elyakim, where he still lives. He is the youngest son of his mother, who became disabled from complications of his birth.

Kokhav Nolad

Without any history in the music industry, and unknown to Boaz, he was signed up by a friend for the auditions of the fifth season of Kokhav Nolad. During the show, Boaz sang many Mizrahi and acoustic songs. His voice was loved by the audience and judges.

At the finals on August 29, 2007, Boaz competed against Marina Maximillian Blumin and Shlomi Bar'el. On that evening he performed two songs: "Señorita" with the experienced Israeli singer David Broza, and then Avner Gadassi's "Menagen veshar" ("Playing & Singing"). He won Kokhav Nolad 2007 with 50% of the votes. In addition, he won a contract with the label Hed Artzi.

Kokhav Nolad performancesWeek # Song Choice Original Artist Result
Top 20 "Yad anuga" Avner Gadassi Safe
Top 18 "Neshel hanachash" Meir Ariel Safe
Top 16 "HaShir al ha'aretz" (duet with Arlene Gold) Nurit Galron Got a resistance
Top 14 "Khayekha vekhayay" (duet with Eden Amzaleg) Boaz Sharabi Bottom 2 in duets
Top 14 - Rescue solo "Shi'ur moledet" Hava Alberstein Safe
Top 13 "Erev shel yom bahir" Efraim Shamir Safe
Top 12 "Ani shuv mit'ahev" (Duet with Shlomi Bar'el) Gidi Gov Safe
Top 12 - Rescue solo "Yare'akh kakhol" Gan Hayot Band Safe
Top 11 "Ahavat khayay" Hayim Moshe Safe
Top 10 "At li layla" (duet with Daniel Ben Hayim) Boaz Sharabi Bottom 3 in duets
Top 10 - Rescue solo "Kol galgal" Shotei HaNevu'ah Safe
Top 9 "Maka Afora" Monica Sex Safe
Top 8 "Al tikh'asi, ze lo ason" Gesher HaYarkon trio Safe
Top 7 "Yalduti hashnyia" Matti Caspi Safe
Top 7 "Homot heimar" Margalit Tzan'ani Safe
Top 3 (Semi Final 2) "Mizmor layla" and "Etslekh ba'olam" "Mizmor layla" - Noa; "Etslekh ba'olam" - Evyatar Banai Final qualifier
Finale "Señorita" and "Menagen veshar" "Señorita" - David Broza; "Menagen veshar" - Avner Gadassi. Winner

Eurovision Song Contest

With two dancers from Andorra, Belgrade, May 2008

On November 14, the Israel Broadcasting Authority and Israel's Channel 2 announced that Boaz Mauda was chosen to represent his country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia.

The pre-selection occurred in February 2008 in which Mauda sang five songs, and the audience, together with a jury of Israeli experts, voted for the winning song which was Ke'ilu Kan - a song written by Israel's Eurovision winner Dana International.

Mauda participated in the first semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 20, 2008. He ended 5th in the semi-finals and was awarded a spot in the final on May 24, 2008 where he ended 9th with 124 points.

2007 "Menagen Veshar" Playing and Singing Avner Gadasi
2008 "Keilu Kan" As If Here Dana International
2008 "Mi Haya Ma'amin?" (with Marina Maximillian Blumin) Who Would Believe? Keren Peles
2008 "Oreakh BaOlam" A Guest in the World Keren Peles
2009 "Lakhzor HaBaita" Return Home Keren Peles
2009 "Time To Pray" (with Sirusho and Jelena Tomašević)

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