Kraljevi Ulice & 75 cents

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Kraljevi Ulice & 75 cents

Post  Alena on Sat Jun 13, 2009 9:55 pm

Kraljevi Ulice & 75 cents

Kraljevi Ulice - one of the main sights of Zagreb. They execute the music on a central square of capital of Croatia since 1987. It often name "old town" or music of old Zagreb. The group has devoted itself a song in style of a retro, and they actually unique who keeps the given style from extinction. For last 20 years the group has acted at festivals across all Europe. Also they will organise own festival in Zagreb under the name "Cest Is D'Best" (that it is possible to translate as "Streets - the best")

Members of group:
Miran Hadzhi Velkovich (Хаджи) - a violin and a vocal
Zlatko Petrovich (Пайо) - a guitar and a vocal
The invited executors:
75 cents (75 summer Ladislav Demeterfi "Laci") - a vocal
Zoran Lovrich - a bass

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