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Dschinghis Khan

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Dschinghis Khan

Wolfgang Heichel
Henriette Heichel
Edina Pop
Former members
Steve Bender (deceased)
Louis Hendrik Potgieter (deceased)
Leslie Mandoki

Dschinghis Khan (German pronunciation: [ˈdʒɪŋɡɪs ˈkaːn]) was a German pop band, created in 1979 to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. The name of the band was chosen to fit the song of the same name, written and produced by Ralph Siegel with lyrics by Bernd Meinunger.

Appearing at the height of the disco boom and following on the heels of other German-produced bands such as Boney M, Arabesque, and Silver Convention, the band achieved wide popularity in most of the world. Their songs invariably were themed on historical figures and exotic cultures and locales.

Though the group broke up in the mid-1980s, it has enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity on the Internet due to the discovery of a video of them performing their hit song "Moskau." The video and the song associated with it have become a popular topic on blogs and can be considered an Internet meme. The specific video was a part of the show "Disco", very popular on ZDF through the '70s; as was their similarly-staged number "Dschinghis Khan".

The original members of the group were:
Louis Hendrik Potgieter (1951–1993)
Steve Bender (1946–2006)
Wolfgang Heichel
Henriette Heichel
Leslie Mándoki
Edina Pop

After the group split up, member Louis Hendrik Potgieter returned to his homeland of South Africa and became a hotel manager. He died in 1993 of complications from AIDS.

The group re-formed in late 2005. They performed at the Olympiyski Arena in Moscow on 17 October 2005. On 7 May 2006, Steve Bender (the member famous for his bald appearance) died of cancer.

The band, now assisted by young singer/dancer group "The Legacy of Dschinghis Khan", toured in 2006–2007. The tour consisted of "Cirque du Dschinghis Khan", featuring other performers, including Mongolian circus acts. Its German national tour dates in January 2007 coincided with the release of the CD "7 Leben" (7 Lives). It was the band's first release since 2004's Best Of compilation "Jubilee".

Dschinghis Khan is the German spelling of Genghis Khan, the name of the historical figure who founded the Mongol Empire.Contents
1 Discography
1.1 Longplay
1.2 Singles


Dschinghis Khan (1979)
Rom (1980) (Rome)
Viva (1980)
Re-release of Rom without bonus tracks.
Wir sitzen alle im selben Boot (1981) (We're all sitting in the same boat)
Helden, Schurken & der Dudelmoser (1982) (Heroes, Roguess & the Dudelmoser)
Corrida (1983) (The Bullfight)
Huh Hah Dschinghis Khan - Ihre Grössten Erfolge (1993)
Die Großen Erfolge (1999)
Jubilee (2004)
7 Leben (2007)


(only German releases)
Dschinghis Khan (1979)
Moskau (1979) (Moscow)
Hadschi Halef Omar (1979) (Hadschi Halef Omar)
Rom (1980)
Samurai (1980)
Pistolero (1981)
Loreley (1981) (Lorelei)
Wir sitzen alle im selben Boot (1981)
Klabautermann (1982)
Der Dudelmoser (1982)
Himalaja (1983) (Himalaya)
Olé Olé (1984)
Mexiko (1985) (Mexico)


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